"Bakuriani Ski Resort Is The Best Place For Establishing New Contacts, As Well As For Entertainment"


 ski resort is a very impressive place, located on the northern slope of Trialeti, 1700 m above sea level.

 Ropeways are stretched from Bakuriani to Kokhtagora Mountain and Ckhratskaro Pass. Spring-boards are also erected there. The resort is one of the candidates nominated for the Olympics.

 Bakuriani ski resort is the best place for establishing new contacts, as well as for entertainment.

 Bakuriani offers not only different winter sport activities, but also gives you opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the local fantastic landscapes.

 Bakurianhas its unique charm. Pine forest, surrounding the resort, provides a clean environment that is extremely important for children. Large and small hotels are located in the resort. A convenient ski space, tubing, ice skating is a must for the winter sport lovers. Only in Bakuriani,

 you will enjoy an unforgettable holiday with us!

The famous ski resort of Bakuriani is one of the most affordable and decent resorts in Georgia. Not inferior in quality to its European fellows, it is oriented for both fans of outdoor activities and professional athletes. Located just 2-2.5 hours drive from Tbilisi and Kutaisi, Bakuriani is an excellent place for relaxation, regardless of the season. Choosing Bakuriani, you can fully enjoy the crystal-clear mountain-pine air, which will have a curative effect on your body and thanks to well-developed infrastructure and a wide range of entertainments your stay will be remembered for a long time! Cableways, ski jumps, ski slopes, cross-country skiing, horse rides, horse-drawn sleighs and snowmobiles, quad biking, paragliding and helicopters, bars, a bowling alley and spa facilities: all of the above-mentioned entertainments can be found in Bakuriani!

Holiday in Bakuriani: Ski season and Infrastructure

Bakuriani is located 180 km away from the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level among the mountain peaks of Trialeti, surrounded by a thick pine forest. The climate is mild, transitional from humid maritime to relatively humid continental. Thanks to this winters are not as severe, and the absence of strong winds is another advantage for those who do not like skiing in freezing cold weather. The winter season usually begins in December and lasts until the end of March. The temperature in winter ranges from -6 – 8 to – 12 degrees, average snow cover is 60-65 cm.

The resort infrastructure was developed in the Soviet period. Bakuriani was considered one of the most important training centers for the preparation of the Soviet athletes for the Winter Olympic Games. Since then, thousands of people annually visit Bakuriani,

For saturated active winter rest, we recommend planning your holiday for the period from January to the end of March: at this time the snowpack is perfect and is great for all kinds of winter sports. The resort is also an excellent place for children to make their first steps in winter sports.

Now there are five tracks in Bakuriani: Didveli, Kohtagora, Kokhta-2, Bakuriani Park, “25” and Joyland. In general, there are 17 routes of different difficulty levels. There are special tracks for children and beginners.