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Morning Desert Safari

Morning trip desert adventure / 3-4 hrs. duration – This Morning Desert Safari is packaged to enable you to experience a trio adventure. The Morning Desert Safari begins with the roller coaster drive in the desert followed by the modern desert adventure ‘Sand Ski’ down the high sand dunes and onwards to the Bedouin desert camp for a camel ride. Return to Dubai by noon.

A. Land Cruiser 4WD

B. Hummer 4WD

Evening Desert Safari

Travel and dinner in the heart of the desert / 6 hrs. duration – This off-road We takes you from the bustle of Dubai city to the desert of golden sand dunes. You will travel to the desert from your pick-up point in a luxury 4 wheel drive and reach there in around 45 minutes. Next, the roller coaster ride known as dune bashing (desert driving) will begin, where you will shriek and laugh with excitement as the car goes up and down the dunes.

As the sun descends into the horizon, we stop to allow you to take sunset photographs, while standing on top of the fading desert dunes. We now head to the campsite where a convoy of camels awaits your arrival for short camel rides. After returning, you can purchase some souvenirs before relaxing on a majlis (low cushions) in traditional Bedouin tents. Enjoy an BBQ buffet dinner and dessert beside a blazing bonfire with traditional cups of coffee and dates, underneath the pitch-black night sky. You can also get more dressed for the occasion by dressing in traditional Bedouin male or female garments, and also have Henna (temporary tatoo) decorate your hands, legs and feet and smoke flavored sheesha (hubbly-bubbly/water pipe). Before we head back to Dubai, we will be entertained by the dancing of a belly dancer to traditional Arabic music, and you are welcome to join along.

A. Silver Desert Safari

B. Gold Desert Safari

C. Bedouin Desert Safari

D. Adventure Desert Safari (VIP)

Overnight Desert Safari

Experience the real night / overnight – This safari contains the same events and thrills as the evening desert safari, but instead of heading back to Dubai city in the evening, we spend the night at the campsite. Under the starlit sky, you will slip inside comfy sleeping bags, inside spacious tents and savour the genuine exotic beauty of the nights. In the morning, we have breakfast at the camp before heading back to Dubai city the nex morning.

A. Land Cruiser 4WD

B. Hummer 4WD

Camel Caravan

Ride with the “Ships in the Desert” / 45 mins. + desert safari – A short drive from Dubai takes us to the edge of the desert to embark on an exciting trek on camel back. A Bedouin will greet you at the edge of the Desert to guide you through the mysterious dunes. Along the trek you will see the flora and fauna of the desert and if lucky even a desert fox –now a rarity in the region. An hour of camel trekking over the dunes will take us into the heart of the desert to watch the magical sunset, gradually turning the dunes into silhouettes.

A short ride will take us to the Bedouin Camp where a traditional Arabic welcome awaits you. A delicious barbecue will be served under the starlit skies. Recline on the carpets and cushions and enjoy the Food. Adding to the atmosphere of Arabia, a belly dancer performance a fascinating show to the rhythm of Arabic music. This magical experience leaves you with fond memories of the safari. What better way could there be to experience a true evening.

Dune Buggy Safari

Drive, weave & tackle with low and high dunes / 3 hrs. duration – Dune buggy in Dubai! We will depart Dubai and drive to the red sand dunes. On arrival in the desert we will take you through a safety briefing and instruct you on how to use our dune buggies which have been specifically designed for driving on this extraordinary terrain. The fun starts as we head off on a thrilling drive through the sand dunes.

Sands Ski & Camel Rides

Play and Ride in the desert / 3 hrs. duration – It works the same as regular snow skiing. You snap your skis on, climb to the top of a sand dune, then make the downhill run. Its not like snow… and then oddly enough, it feels like snow. Its hard to explain so you may as well try it out first hand. But expect sandboarding to be a tad harder.