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Highlights: Freedom to fly in the air, a dream for nature loving persons and Parasailing in Dubai is a recreational activity that offers you adventure, thrill, and fun in a single package.

• Type: Parasailing in Dubai
• Departs from: Jumeirah Beach Area
• Pickup: Dubai
• Days of Operation: Daily
• Duration: 10 – 15 minutes

Parasailing – your chance to fly like a bird… to defy gravity, touch the clouds and reach out for the rainbows to soar above verdant green pastures and rocky blue mountains.

Parasailing as an adventure sport has been around for more than 25 years. Now more than ever before more and more people are discovering the pleasures of parasailing. With the advent of Jet Boats and other easily available equipments, this sport has received a fresh impetus.

Parasails are the ideal purchase for the Family Sport Boat Owner. An interesting comment made by a beach sports operator was that “ We must stop selling products and start selling fun”. If you are a commercial sports operator, you could strongly consider offering Parasailing, as an adventure sport, to your customers – a sport that offers the very best in fun and excitement.

If you’ve been to a beach resort destination, you’ve probably seen Parasails lifting riders skywards. All across the country, more of the brightly colored chutes can be seen behind personal sports boats.

The freedom of flight awaits you…

What are you waiting for?  Here is all the information you need to get started…

Parasailing is not considered a sport activity but more of a recreational activity. Intended to be a fun ride and not to be mixed up with the sport counterpart which is paragliding.

There is nothing like the thrill of parasailing. It is a breath-taking way to see Destin in a whole new light. Imagine looking down and spotting sea turtles or dolphins. Get a bird’s eye view of the city and the gulf. It is a memory that you will never forget! Come and see Destin like you never have.

Activity Highlights

• Fly at heights exceeding 500 feet.

•  Up to three people can fly at once.

•  Great activity for families and children.

Additional Information

•  Customers may get wet so dress appropriately.

•  Up to 3 people can fly at once. The total weight must not exceed 450 or be less than 90.

•  Customers are launched in the air from the back of the boat using motorized equipment.

•  Optional photo packages are available by the crew for a small fee. See details upon arrival.

•  Customers are recommended to bring a camera, suntan lotion and small towel.

•  If weather or wind is unfavorable for your tour, another day will be scheduled or the customer may receive a full refund.

While Landing the Parasail

When the flight is finished, it’s time to bring it in for a landing. The first touchdowns will be in the water. Make sure the landing area is clear. The driver reduces the throttle and the flyer gently drifts downward. The boat should be stopped completely before splashdown to avoid dragging the chute through the water. After landing, the flyer unhooks from the chute and should be quickly picked up by the boat crew. The Parasail is brought into the boat carefully and is immediately ready for its next flight. After several water landings flyers in top physical condition may even choose to touchdown on land. This requires a great deal more skill from both the flyer and driver. Land landings increase the risk of injury to the flyer, but are a great way to keep dry.

Security and Safety are of prime concern in this sport, since even a seemingly insignificant oversight can balloon into a major accident. As a safety precaution, a Life Jacket and Helmet are a must, while participating in water sports. In addition one can also use a wind meter to determine the optimum wind speed for parasailing.

Do not participate in Parasailing unless all crew-members and flyers have carefully read and understood the instructions manual. Never exceed the operating limitations described in the instructions manual. Review safety procedures before each flight. Inspect all Parasailing components before and after each flight. A few precautions can go a long way in ensuring a comfortable and safe flight.

Parasailing is a thrilling and breathtaking adventure sport for nature loving people.

The skies await you…welcome to the resplendent and picturesque world of Parasailing.