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Dubai is undoubtedly one of the ICONIC cities of the 21st Century!

See all that Dubai has to offer from your personal aerial tour in a VIP helicopter – The world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa, internationally famous “The Palm”, the seven star hotel – “Burj Al Arab”, The World” and all of the historic sites and glistening beaches of Dubai. In short, Helicopter Tour Dubai provides you with the best of the best and maybe a little more besides! Visualize romantic dinners in balmy temperatures, waves lapping at your toes against the moody backdrop of the impressive Dubai Marina Skyline. This is a mere glimpse of the many extraordinary experiences that Dubai and UAE have in store for you. To further enhance your experience, give us a call to discover how you can be luxuriously whisked away by helicopter to witness awe inspiring buildings from a birds eye view on an exclusive or sharing Helicopter tour.

Heritage Tour – 12 min

After take-off from Dubai Festival City you will follow the creek winding past the Creek golf coarse and continue over the Spice Souk and the Historical Wind Towers located in Bur Dubai and Deirah, two of the oldest suburbs of Dubai. Once you have reached the dry docks you will make a left turn and follow the coast line over Jumeirah open beach. Over Safa park you will be making a U-turn and follow Sheikh Zayad road past Burj Khalifa and the breathtaking skyline along Dubai’s main highway. Just after the World Trade Centre (Dubai’s First Sky Scraper) you will turn right and fly over Zabeel Park and the Zabeel Palaces. Following this you will make your return to Festival City.

Explorer Tour  – 22 min

Taking off from Dubai Festival City you will follow the same route as the Heritage tour however, over Safa Park, you will continue straight along the coastline over Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Wild Wadi Water Park. Following this you will bank out to the rite and fly over the southern tip of the World Islands whereafter you will make your way back to the mainland over The Burj Al Arab (the worlds only 7* hotel). From here you will continue ahead to the base of the Palm Jumeirah and make a right turn flying over the “Golden Mile” and up towards Atlantis Hotel at the tip of the palm. Following this you will make your way back to Festival City along the same route as the Heritage tour.

Night Lights Tour – 22 min

Experience a once in a lifetime night scenic aerial tour with VIP helicopter . As the sun sets down to give way for the wonderful lights that brightens Dubai at night,  be stunned while flying and see top views of the modern architecture of Dubai in LED lights and colors. This tour will bring you moments to cherish forever.

Private Jet & Luxury Helicopter Charter

1. Flexibility – you can determine the time and place of your trip, just as if you own a private jet. We can deal with the most difficult journeys.

2. Simplicity – Enjoy luxury trips and quiet away from the inconvenience of passengers.

3. Speed – avoiding costly troubles delay resulting from your position at the queues for a long time.

4. Privacy and prestigious – you can interview clients, attending conferences, and held personal interviews.

5. Productivity enjoy trips without delay trouble-free queue in addition to a suitable working environment, can provide Renting a private jet a large part of the time that it was possible to miss.

If you are in a business trip, it will hire a private jet as a great investment for you, giving you enough time to think about before any important meeting, a quiet place for meetings mid-flight profitable, as you will feel more pampering and fun while you return home. If you are planning a vacation, the elite of a private jet will make your trip very special and lowest cost.