"The Martvili Canyon is a natural wonder in the Samegrelo region of Georgia"

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The Martvili Canyon is a natural wonder in the Samegrelo region of Georgia, near the town of Martvili. Also called the Gachedili Canyon, it is about a 45 minute drive from the city of Kutaisi in West Georgia. In 2016, the Georgian government spent more than $500,000 on rebuilding the infrastructure around the canyon in order to make this growing tourist destination safer. The site had been virtually forgotten except by locals until the early 2000s, when more and more tourists started posting photos and videos on the internet.

The incredible natural beauty of the secluded coves and azure-green water of the stream as it flows through the hidden canyon appealed to adventurers streaming into the Caucasus from Europe. Thus, the site became overrun by locals and tourists and became unsafe as daredevils jumped from waterfalls, went swimming in high water, and or went spelunking or river scuba-diving without proper equipment. The government's attempts to streamline access to the site (through an electronic ticketing system) will increase safe access for tourists, but also decrease the hidden and secretive nature of the canyon - the hidden gem of Martvili.

A footpath with bridges over, in, and around the short canyon will be a welcome addition for all visitors however, which is why I will continue to program visits to this site for my guests, time permitting.

Small streams running through the limestone near the town of Martvili have carved a series of spectacular caves and canyons. Some are accessible by raft, others have boardwalks built inside. Experience the natural wonders of Georgia!