Kutaisi Tour

 Discovered in Imereti region in 1984, Prometheus Cave is one of Georgia’s natural wonders providing visitors with breathtaking examples of stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, petrified waterfalls, cave pearls, underground rivers, and lakes. Kumistavi is the biggest cave in Georgia.  It is a unique experience to feel the underworld atmosphere in all its glory and colors.

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Kakheti Tour


Sighnaghi –  Is one of Georgia's smallest towns located at the heart of Georgia's wine-growing regions. Signagi is known as a "City of Love" in Georgia

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Batumi Tour

 It is a popular tourist destination known for its varying weather–it is a bustling seaside resort during warm seasons, but can get entirely covered in snow during winter..The city is also an important sea port . Batumi has modern high-rise buildings, as well as the restoration of classical 19th-century edifices lining its historic Old Town.  In the season you will enjoy the show with dolphins. Batumi is an opportunity to relax from everyday routine.

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Kazbegi Tour

On the Georgian Military highway you will see the unique by its beauty of Jinvali reservoir  and nature. You will visit the ancient fortress Ananauri.

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Vardzia, Akhaltsikhe Tour

You go to the cave city of the XII – XIII centuries – an outstanding medieval Georgian monument.  It was founded by Queen Tamara. In the precipitous  tuff  wall of the Erusheti mountain there are carved about 600 rooms.

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Tbilisi has come a long way since the Rose Revolution of 2003 ousted the post-Soviet Shevardnadze government. To Tbilisi's eternal charms of a dramatic setting in the deep valley of the swift Mtkvari River, picturesque architecture, an ever-lively arts and cultural scene

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 Bakuriani ski resort is the best place for establishing new contacts, as well as for entertainment.

 Bakuriani offers not only different winter sport activities, but also gives you opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the local fantastic landscapes.

 Bakurianhas its unique charm. Pine forest, surrounding the resort, provides a clean environment that is extremely important for children.

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Nartvili Canyon

The Martvili Canyons in western Georgia are a 3km long gorge with multiple waterfalls and outstanding natural beauty. Taking a raft up the gorge, the scenery is truly amazing, with the blue of the water, the rocks of the cliffs and the lush green flora above seeming to give all of the colours an iridescence. There are dinosaur footprints to see as well, so one can have a sense of the Jurassic. In the afternoon, there is a visit to the nearby Martvili Monastery complex.

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Mestia is located in the Svaneti region of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti province (mkhare), some 128 kilometres (80 miles) northeast of the regional capital of Zugdidi. Mestia and the adjoining 132 villages form Mestia District (raioni). Its area is 30,444 square kilometres (11,754 sq mi) ; and its population is 14,248 (2,600 in the town itself), according to the 2002 Georgia census. It was granted the status of a townlet (Georgian: daba) in 1968.

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Yvarlis tba

In the hearts of Kakheti, one of the most beautiful regions of Georgia and to the east of the small city of Kvareli, beneath the southern slope of Great Caucasus mountains the unique and beautiful Kvareli Lake Resort spreads over 300 hectares of beautiful natural landscape.
The virgin forest surrounding the resort, the lake in the front where the small rivers of Bursa and Chagurgula flow into, vast Alazani valley in the backyard and large hotel rooms each equipped with small terrace and beautiful panoramic views, make Kvareli Lake Resort a unique place to stay.

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Ushguli is one of Georgia’s many beautiful sights. This small village in Svaneti is located at the foot of Shkhara mountain, near the Enguri River, at an altitude ranging from 2060 to 2200 meters above sea level. This makes Ushguli the highest settlement in Europe. Its name is supposed to be a portmanteau of “ushishari” (fearless) and “guli” (heart). The only thread connecting the village to the rest of the world is a road to the city of Lentekhi, which is only available three months a year: “I’d never imagine that life is possible in such a climate, but people seem to be used to it. As I was told, they hoard food throughout the year and thus have no problem enduring the cold season. They are very hardy people.”

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Well, not exactly a Disneyland or an amusement park, but one of the top touristic attractions of Georgia representing a multi-ethnic history. Occupying approximately seven hectares territory, the castle complex is comprised of a mosque, a minaret, a synagogue, a Christian church, a palace, a citadel, as well as landscaped gardens, vineyards on terraces, outdoor pools with fountains, a history museum, a hotel, a restaurant, souvenir and wine shops.

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Gudauri is a small touristic settlement and ski mountain resort located at the altitude of 3,000m on the southern slopes of the Lesser Caucuses range of Georgia. Gudauri is situated 120 km from Tbilisi. You can reach it by the Georgian Military Road for about 2 hours by car. Once many well-known writers and poets such as: Alexander Griboedov, Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Vladimir Mayakovsky and even Alexandre Dumas went by it.

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Enguri dam

Georgia is encouraging people to go to the far north-west and visit one of the country’s most unique monuments, the Enguri River dam.

The dome-shaped dam is regarded as the world’s second largest concrete arch dam, measuring 271.5 metres high and 728 metres wide.

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